Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Statement

Last update: June 26th at 2:00pm EST.

Please be reassured that as your healthcare providers we are prepared for this pandemic situation. Your midwifery team will continue to provide excellent, personalized care. There are some things you can do to keep your risk low, and some changes made at our clinics and the hospital to keep everyone safe.

If you have flu, or flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) please DO NOT come to the clinic OR if you have recently travelled please contact your midwife using our pager system to make a plan. If you meet criteria for testing, our local Public Health can be accessed by dialing 311.

Here are the steps that we have put in place to help keep you safe:

Our Clinic:

Before coming into the office we ask all patients to self screen by taking their temperature even if they feel well. If you have a temperature over 37.5 please page your midwife to come up with an alternate treatment plan. Given the vaccination rate and low level of transmission in our community at this time, we happily welcome clients to bring one support person with them for prenatal clinic visits. Your support person cannot change throughout the course of the pregnancy, must be 12+ years old, and must pass covid 19 screening. At this time we ask you to continue to leave other children (not in midwifery care) at home. If this is not possible please contact your midwife to discuss your situation. Clients and their support person are REQUIRED to wear a mask that they bring from home.

In addition to pre-screening efforts, Burlington & Area Midwives will be following WHO guidelines for care during uncomplicated pregnancies. Before a physical visit takes place a virtual visit will occur to minimize time spent in our office. As your midwives, we are committed to ensuring safe and comprehensive care while also assisting our clients to practice social distancing and prevent unnecessary exposures during this challenging time.

We have always complied with IPAC standards, disinfecting examination surfaces and equipment between clients. In addition we have now enhanced cleaning of the office both during clinic hours and at the end of the day. We use hospital-grade cleaning supplies.

Our Hospital:

All clients admitted to the hospital (including the Labour and Delivery ward) will be thoroughly screened and swabbed for Covid-19 only if indicated.

Every labouring woman WITH NO SYMPTOMS is allowed ONE support person for the duration of their hospital stay (and this person cannot change).

Patients and visitors will be given a medical-grade mask by screening staff upon entry to the hospital. Everyone is required to wear a mask. Those who refuse to wear a mask properly will not be permitted entry.

Unit specific instructions are as follows:

Pregnant women:

For all Ambulatory or Outpatient activity - no support person is allowed.

Labour & Delivery:

Pregnant woman may be accompanied by a single (1)care partner/support person during labour, birth and the postpartum period. Additional visitors are not permitted. The care partner can stay for the labour and birth of the baby with no time restrictions. We request the care partner remain in the room. "In and Out" of hospital is discouraged. May go to Tim Horton's or La Prep for meals.

MACU - Mother and Child Unit(Maternity/postpartum):

After the baby is born, the new mother will be moved to the Mother and Child Unit (Maternity). A single (1)care partner is welcome to stay for the length of the hospital stay. Must have newborn/parent ID band to be admitted to unit. "In and Out" of hospital is discouraged. May go to Tim Horton's or La Prep for meals.

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit):

NICU babies may have one (1)parent/care giver at their bedside for their entire time in hospital with no time restrictions. Only one (1)parent/care giver may be at the bedside at one time. Parent/care giver must have newborn/parent ID to be admitted to unit. List of approved visitors (up to 2) will be provided to screeners daily.


For all Ambulatory, Outpatient or Inpatient activity -paediatric patients (under the age of 18yrs) may be accompanied by a single (1)parent/care giver for their entire time in hospital with no time restrictions. Only one (1)parent/care giver may be at the bedside at one time. List of approved visitors (up to 2) will be provided to screening daily (for inpatients).

If you have any signs and symptoms of illness NO support person is allowed in the hospital during labour and birth. No visitors will be allowed at any time during your hospital stay. You will be required to wear a mask at all times.

Your postpartum stay can be reduced if no clinical concerns exist and it is safe to be discharged to your home. As always home based care (home labour, birth, early discharge) is available and encouraged for those who are low risk and asymptomatic. We understand these changes may affect previously planned support and postpartum stay-please discuss with your midwife if you have further questions. It is our goal to reduce risk to families and care providers as best as possible.

As things evolve we will update you further. We all need to work together to stay safe and healthy.


The midwives and staff of Burlington & Area Midwives.